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Ways to Acquire Military Coins (For Those Outside the Military)

November 6th, 2014 by Howard Oakley in Military

Military coins ceased to be coins for the exclusive use and collection of men in the military. Right now, it is possible for civilians to acquire a military coin or challenge coin in more ways than one.

Collecting challenge coins is becoming a favorite pastime. Challenge coin enthusiasts want to study the coins. Each military coin has a story. It may be the story of the one who gave it or the one who received it.

Challenge coins are also used to acquire a sum of money. Designers and producers of these unique coins thrive. A collector or keeper may also put his military coins for sale. Collectors selling their prized collections are rare. They may only put them for sale if they are in great need. Another possible reason is that they have two or more similar coins.

military coinsIf you are a collector or starting to collect, it is a good idea to get your first coin from a fellow enthusiast. Prepare your money as you will purchase a challenge coin. Aside from the coin, you may also have a chance to talk to the collector and ask him about the coin and more.

Always remember that collecting challenge coins also works like networking. The more fellow collectors you know will mean an increased chance of getting rare challenge coins. It is also a great market in case you want to trade or sell your challenge coins.

So how will you find your fellow challenge coin collectors? This is when Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites play a vital role. In addition, there are several online forums dedicated for military coins.

Aside from looking for people who have the same interest as yours, it is also good to look for events related to challenge coins. There are exhibits you can attend. In exhibits, you may get to know the history of your coins. You can also find more coins that you may want to add to your collection.

Another event that you need to look forward to is trading events of challenge coins. These events are infrequently held. That is why most collectors seize every chance they get. Collectors may come from all over the country or even abroad.

In trading events, a military coin may be exchange with a military coin. In case the military coin is rarer or of higher value, an additional payment may be asked. Trading events also feature collections for display alone. You will learn about different coins, their features, origins and symbolisms as well.

Designers and manufacturers of customized military coins also grace trading events. They may even be the one organizing the event. Trading events is an avenue for them to sell their brand.

It’s also an option to buy customized challenge coins. Nowadays, you can even get your customized coin within the day you ordered it. Producers of challenge coins can provide you not just customized coins but a replica of other challenge coins as well. This will save you the time of finding the coin you want. It may also save you money, particularly in terms of the travel costs involved when getting a particular challenge coin.

In finding and collecting challenge coins, you need to remind yourself regarding the reason for your hobby. Is it because of your father or grandfather who served the army? If yes, there’s a chance they will hand their collections to you.

Retired military men may also be sought for military coins. But just like you, they value their collections. When you ask for their collections, make a promise of taking care of their coins and do it sincerely.

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What makes a keynote speaker?

October 29th, 2014 by Rosemary Tyson in Motivation

A keynote speaker is usually referred to as someone who is willing to stand up in front of and talk to the audience for more or less an hour. Basically, as the speaker, he must be engaging enough to get the attention of the audience the entire time. However, keynote speakers are more often than not being mistaken with motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, industry experts, business speakers, plenary speakers, or any other speakers out there that are not even considered as keynote speakers.

While those speakers can still be considered as keynote speakers in one way or another, most of these professional speakers still lack the edge of being a keynote speaker, or vice versa.

So what really makes a speaker a keynoter? What exactly is it that makes a keynoter unique and different from other types of professional speakers?

In essence, a keynote speaker needs to have the ability to encapsulate the main essence of the event that he is talking at and eventually relay that message to the audience within the amount of time given to him. In order for this keynoter to give out his message effectively, he must be willing to devote some time researching on the topic, the issues, the industry, and even the audience.

keynote speakerAfter the keynoter has already gathered enough information through his research, he should now be able to form his presentation in a distinctive style designed just for the audience of the event. The keynoter needs to use different techniques in presenting the speech. He can add humour as well to make the speech lively and entertaining for the audience (of course, this still has some considerations). The idea is that the keynoter should be creative enough in interlacing the keynote message into the program. The presentation should be enjoyable enough to the audience but at the same time it should also be memorable to them. What is the essence of your presentation if your audience will not even remember what you talked about?

One of the main tasks of the keynoter is to inspire as well as to energize the audience. Also, the role of a keynoter does not end once he has already left the stage; he still needs to establish a connection with the audience afterwards. His keynote speech must start a further discussion and in turn provide more relevant information to the people.

Dr. Nick Morgan, a coach of professional speakers, once said that the importance of a keynoter—or its edge over the other professional speakers out there—is that he has the ability to “change the minds of a group of people, to persuade them of something they hadn’t seen, known, or believed before.”

Additionally, Morgan even referred to a keynote speaker as a “temporary tribal leader,” which means that the speaker should be powerful enough to move—or “lead”—the audience. Basically, as the speaker, the keynoter must have the knack to motivate the audience to act.

Moreover, what tells a keynoter apart from other professional speakers is that he does not discuss a particular topic with too many details that can be overwhelming to the audience. A keynoter is more focused on the essence rather than on the nitty-gritty of a message.

“An audience is too busy responding to a keynote speakers message to work on such details,” Morgan tells.

Given the limited time usually devoted to keynote speeches, the keynoter will most likely not be able to squeeze in every single detail about the issue. Therefore, he needs to focus more on the importance of the issue rather than on the details. What makes a keynoter effective is that he can make the audience realize why the entire matter is even important in the first place.

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Employee Engagement Surveys to Gain and Retain Loyal Employees

October 27th, 2014 by Shawn Dorsey in Technology

The world of business is a fast-paced one so retaining loyal employees can be quite tough. As an employer, your challenge is not only to keep the great people in your company but also to keep them fully engaged. Talented, committed and skillful employees are not easy to come by, so it is important to know what it takes to stop them from packing their boxes and leaving your company.

What you can do now to determine the factors that will help your people stay motivated and engaged is to conduct an employee engagement survey.

What is an employee engagement survey?

employee engagement surveyEmployee engagement is a critical business success driver especially in this present time’s very competitive market. After all, behind every great company is a team of great people. Employee engagement surveys are then designed to measure and analyze your employees’ level of initiative and overall workplace attitude.

Employee engagement survey aims to answer questions like the following:

• How committed is your staff to their work and the company?

• Are they just going to work because they have to or because they want to?

• Are your employees willing to take on and learn new tasks?

• Are they able to adapt to any changes that happen at the workplace?

• Do they take the initiative to go the extra mile in helping achieve the company’s objectives?

• Do they give their best in whatever is expected from them?

Employee engagement surveys are often confused with employee satisfaction surveys. Though these two both address an employee’s perception of the company, they tackle very different aspects.

Employee satisfaction surveys are conducted to measure if your employees are content with their compensation, workload, management, and teamwork. An engagement survey, in contrast, deals with understanding what factors contribute to an employees’ desire to put discretionary effort into their jobs. Remember, an employee may be satisfied with his or her occupation but not particularly enthusiastic about engaging in the company’s ultimate goal of continued growth and success.

What can an employee engagement survey do for employee retention?

Lack of employee motivation and engagement results in consistent staff turnover. By administering employee engagement surveys, you will be able to gain knowledge necessary to keep your loyal, exceptional staff remain loyal, and at the same time, give your less engaged employees a newfound commitment to the organization.

A high employee engagement level leads to better service, customer satisfaction, sales, profit and return. And when your business is booming, employees feel better about themselves especially when you do not forget to give them credit for a job well done. It is a known fact that when employees feel appreciated in their company, they are more encouraged to constantly do and be their best as part of the team. A high level of employee engagement also promotes employee retention, cultivate client loyalty, and increase employee performance and company value.

Key Levers for Employee Engagement Surveys

Now that you know what an employee engagement survey can do to help you hire and keep quality personnel, it is important you know what you should consider putting in it. Remember to ask questions that will address your employees’ perception of the workplace culture, internal communication, managerial processes, leadership, company reputation, and overall trust and respect. These are factors that mainly influence an employee’s inclination to stay loyal to the company.

Employee engagement surveys also try to measure and evaluate your employees’ commitment, and commitment comes in various forms. There is Rational Commitment, which deals with your company’s ability to provide developmental, financial and professional rewards; and Emotional Commitment, which is your employees’ ability to find enjoyment, meaning and pride as part of your company.

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Importance of Printed Circuit Boards

October 17th, 2014 by Alfred Goodwin in Electronics

Printed circuit boards, also known as printed wiring boards or printed circuit cards, are what make enables the electronic devices that are used daily to work properly. These connect each component that makes a device work without having the hassle of setting up a complex connection of wires together. These make up the important electric circuits which makes each component work together and at the same time. If you are able to see a computer’s motherboard, you are already looking at a circuit board, but printed circuit boards are not just limited to computers; cellular phones, calculators, and other electronic gadgets that use these to make them work.

Printed circuit boards were invented during the time when electronic devices were getting more complex and wiring components together with the traditional wiring method was becoming an issue. Its development started back in the early 1900’s. In 1925, Charles Ducan was able to submit a patent for creating an early circuit board in the form of an electronic pattern printed onto a board, but in 1943, Paul Eisler was able to build one of the working printed circuit boards during that time.

Printed circuit boardsWhen circuit boards were not yet under development, a “point-to-point construction” was done when assembling electronic devices. Wires are used to connect each electronic component together inside a device. These devices would end up becoming bulky and would break down easily. Repairing these devices would mostly require replacing the connectors for the cords and each component. The wires themselves would also lose their strength and can break down due to wear and tear. This will cause a short circuit with the device.

During the 1920’s, manufacturers for gramophones and radios had started to pick up the idea on the circuit board; they would take an insulated material and set it up to fit all the electronic components that they need and then the wires are attached to the bottom of the device. The wires are riveted to the bottom of the board, putting each connection in their correct places.

The use of printed circuit boards became really popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s and some inventors were able to set up additional patents to improve the efficiency of the circuit boards. During the initial development the circuit was only found at one side of the board, usually at the bottom, but after a few developments were done, multilayer boards were made, allowing more circuits to be printed with just one board.

Once the circuit board design is set, holes are set into it for the electric components to be placed into. These are called plated through holes. Once the component is set into the hole, they are then soldered in either through a machine or by hand. Each hole would have a copper ring around it, which is called an annular ring. Copper connectors are also included in some circuit boards if there ever is a need for one circuit to be connected to another circuit to create an even bigger component. V-scores are set onto the circuit board if ever there will be a time that the board itself needs to be cut or broken in certain parts. The v-score allows the cut to be done without ruining the rest of the circuit board.

Solder marks are then used to cover and protect the copper circuits on a circuit board. When the solder mark is placed, this gives the circuit board the familiar green colour that everyone sees. Solder marks are also used to prevent any solder jumps that might happen when a solder accidentally touches two different copper paths together.

Sometimes some components that need to be inserted into the circuit board are placed differently; slots are used if ever the components to be added do not have a rounded shape. To make the circuit board organized, a silkscreen layer is used to label each part so they can be recognized easily.

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A Look at the High availability servers

October 10th, 2014 by Patrick Song in Web Hosting

Computers are used for businesses today to make things a lot easier. A network of computers is capable of multitasking to save time. Within a network, the core is the server. It is the unit where most of your files and documents are saved. Having a server helps cut some costs. For example, a program which is used by many computers in a network can be installed on it. In such case, you won’t have to purchase additional copies of the program. Files which are used by the network are also saved on the server.

However, servers could be very expensive to have. For a small business that needs a server but do not need a ton of space, VPS is the perfect solution. One of the best VPS you can use is the High availability servers.

High availability serversMicrosoft has been in this business for a long time and its flagship OS is widely used. They understand what their users’ needs are. Through the years, Microsoft has improved their system. That being said, you can expect a lot of support and programs affiliated with High availability servers. They offer guides, tutorials and different customer service options too (the 2008 and 2012 versions of their VPS came with the best guides and tutorials).

It also comes with great additional features like the Hyper-V where Microsoft offers additional support and this may include additional customer service, upgrades and informative answers to your questions.

The VPS comes with improved RAM support to increase speed and reduce delays.

Microsoft offers great administrator advantages too. They offer more flexible and variable options for web administrators. It offers full in-depth customization and full update control.

If you need a VPS for your business, this VPS is the right one for you as many companies run their computers on a windows-only environment. Since Microsoft has been improving their products for business use, they know what a business needs and wants to accomplish. You can assume that most companies are using programs and systems that will run only on a windows operating system.

You can also manage your VPS through Remote Desktop. It is a standard feature in all Windows based VPS plans. Unlike Linux which uses SSH (Secure Shell) which is text based interface, you can visually see what you are doing in a Windows based VPS. It may not be the cheapest VPS available, but you will get what you’ve paid for. After all, usable features and excellent customer service comes with it.

However, the VPS is not perfect and has its shares of cons as well. Security with this VPS is just about average as its competitors. This VPS is not that popular for its reliability and uptime. This depends on the applications and programs you’re using though.

When the system is overused, you can expect the server to freeze which will require you to reboot the system. However, you can avoid this by upgrading your asset to have more capacity. Make sure to monitor your data to know if you need an upgrade.

The pricing can also be considered downside High availability servers as other VPS like Linux are cheaper. Make sure to check if you will really need all the features of your chosen VPS to maximize it without spending too much. However, if your system already runs on Microsoft’s OS, High availability servers is still the perfect choice.

If you need a server but do not want to spend extra money, availing of a VPS is ideal; although the windows based VPS is considered to be a little expensive than the Linux VPS, it is still a lot cheaper compared to a physical server.

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Award Pins Help Stretch your Holiday Marketing Dollars

October 9th, 2014 by Aaron Whitaker in Product

Economy was a major concern in the last election and with its roller coaster drops, average consumers hold tightly to their wallet. Shoppers seem to be cutting back to everything that isn't a need. So, where does that leave retailers since the holiday season is already coming? After all, the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, kicks off the time of year when many businesses make the majority of their profits. Retailers are expected to severely cut prices this season, but they still have to advertise sales to draw in consumers.

Award pins can make a huge impact on your holiday sales without putting a big damage in your budget. They are high quality which makes them more like jewelry than stickers or buttons. They can be customized in every design and style imaginable, making them an ideal match for sales or holiday events. Best of all, they are more cost-effective than other forms of advertising. Just look at the possibilities that they can make for your business.

Promote Specials and Sales with Lapel Pins

award pinsBecause award pins can be made into any shape and by using any color, these are great for sales associates who need to promote holiday specials. Custom pins showing the company logo with copy like "Ask About Our 25% Off Specials" are sure to get attention not only in the store, but anywhere your associate goes. In short, it is a walking advertisement. If your business offers layaway policy, use custom pin to let your target market know. Individuals who can't afford an item today might be willing to buy it if they can make payments over time and not pay the interest.

Spread the Word

If you are working in the service industry, try utilizing these award pins to bring in new clients. Have holiday pins made with your logo then give them to your regular customers. If those customers give their tack to someone who becomes a new client, they both get a discount. These will work for manicurists, hairstylists, pet groomers and a lot more. If you sell jewelry, cookware or other items via in-home parties, give holiday custom pins out with each order. When your customers wear their pins, it gives them the perfect opportunity to share what they like about your product with others. It is a popular fact that word of mouth is the best advertisement of all.

Custom Pins Boost Holiday Giving

Award pins work extremely good for nonprofits as well. These tacks can be given to contributors to help increase holiday giving and to say thank you for past and future support. Having a holiday bazaar or other program? Order custom pins that advertise the event and pass them out to members of your organization. Wearing their pin when they are out and about is an excellent way to spread the word and promote ticket sales. You might even want to give custom pins to customers for purchasing tickets early or for purchasing a certain number of tickets.

During the holiday season, when everyone is trying to make the most out of their hard earned money, businesses and consumers alike win with the use of custom pins. Businesses enjoy increased sales without massive advertising expenses while consumers benefit from lower prices and giveaways. Try custom pins for your business or group this holiday season and see the difference they make.

Everyone has a soft spot for kids. Award pins, just like our children, are small in size but make big impact. With their help, it is much easier to scatter the word regarding your cause and raise money that will speed up desperately needed research. Whatever illness you are campaigning for, add custom pins to your program and watch them provide more for you.

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Common Uses of Baseball Pins

October 9th, 2014 by Robin Faircloth in Accessories

Baseball pins have long been an essential part of most tournaments and little leagues all over the world especially across the United States. Custom pins give fans and players the opportunity to get to know other players and baseball fans by sharing and trading their pins that are of different designs, sizes and shapes. These pins have many uses and among these are briefly discussed here, so read further.


Most people are fond of freebies or giveaways. Like baseball playing cards, pins also play an important part within the promotion of any league or tournament season. Some companies and small businesses are using baseball trading pins to have their names or products introduced to a huge number of possible customers.

Giving away sports pins to targeted people enable companies to obtain massive savings on advertisements, since the promotional items will do most of the marketing work for them. With baseball trading pins, a company will be able to reflect its generosity and professionalism, further giving its reputation a boost.


Most baseball teams order pins for use as part of a player’s attire. Each team has their own pins that serve as decorative items on the uniform or clothes of team players. Normally, these pins are distributed to players before the tournament season starts.

The use of baseball pins among players allows each team to express their strength and popularity. The more stylish and unique the pins are, the more a team can be well known to many individuals.

baseball pinsTrading

Trading baseball tournament pins is very common among fans. With the existence of the Internet, baseball fans no longer meet at major tournaments to trade or buy pins. These days, trading sports pins is being done online. Exchange of baseball trading pins has been going on for years. Many people are trading these pins to complete their collection while others are buying these items to serve as remembrance of an event.


Collection of baseball trading pins is not a new hobby for most baseball players and fans. It is believed to have started just when the use of badges among teams became so popular. Normally, collectors from different parts of the world are gathering in major baseball events to exchange, sell or purchase pins with the image of their favorite players, team or team mascot.

Both adults and kids are collecting baseball trading pins. Kids usually like pins with cartoon characters of their choice. They are wearing their baseball pins on their clothes to show them to their friends. Adults usually collect pins that they find attractive or one that symbolizes their favorite teams or players.

Collecting baseball trading pins is a good hobby that some also offer special bags that were created for the purpose of carrying baseball trading pins during tournaments or simply just to serve as storage. Many passionate baseball pin collectors are willing to pay pins they want to have at any amount just to complete their collections. This is why there are many baseball trading pin sellers who are producing pins with impressive or eye-catching designs.

Support for a Team

Owning baseball trading pins is considered by many as a matter of loyalty and pride. Fans of a particular baseball team often wear pins that symbolize their favorite teams to show their support. For many players, seeing many supporters cheering for them could greatly help in boosting their morale, thus, motivating them to do their best to win their game.

Since baseball pins offer a lot of uses, many baseball teams are ordering these items for distribution to their family and friends so they can wear them as they watch important tournaments.

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Reasons for Getting Movable Cubicles

September 30th, 2014 by Bradley Underwood in Logistics

People buy new things every year but do not build new storage areas for the old stuff. Rather than throwing away your old furniture and other household or office possessions that have sentimental value, why not get movable cubicles? These are portable storage facilities that can be so useful to those without stock rooms in the house or office.

Having a portable storage unit made of steel or metal is very beneficial to every household and business. Such containers were initially used for transporting things during a big move but now, they are used to store various things such as appliances, equipment, furniture and other important items. Imagine yourself moving to a smaller house and you have a lot of things from your old house. Instead of throwing away your things, store them in this storage unit.

One of the reasons why people now rent or buy movable cubicles for their houses or businesses is they have bigger spaces. Ordinary and conventional storage units like container vans have small spaces and cannot accommodate a lot of things. These vans have limitations as to the kind of things and items placed inside. They are just not big enough to hold huge items that will actually fit portable storage units due to their bigger spaces.

movable cubiclesAnother good thing about a portable storage container is that it is mobile or transportable. You can move it easily and conveniently from one area to another. There are also construction businesses that use such portable containers as their on-site offices when they have projects. Once the project is accomplished, they will just transfer these containers to their next area where they have a project in.

Movable cubicles provide safety and security. People store valuable things because they want them to be safe from harm and theft at all times. Rather than renting huge storage warehouses at humongous fees, people would use these storage containers. They would either rent or buy them. They will get those that can stand strong during a fire, earthquake, tornado, storm and other environmental calamities.

Portable storage containers are also economical and budget-friendly. Many people worry about the amount of money they will most likely spend when they store their possessions. Renting or buying your own storage container is actually cheaper than renting a whole warehouse. These kinds of storage facilities give you flexibility when it comes to your money. Ask suppliers of these containers how much their rental fee or total cost is.

These are the reasons why you should get these portable storage containers. You can use them for personal or business purposes. If you need to move to another building, house, street, locality, city, state or country, you will find them beneficial to your move.

When looking for suppliers of movable cubicles, ask from people you trust who have dealt with them. You can also check your telephone directory for the suppliers in your area. Call each of those listed and ask for their terms. You should also get estimates from them so that you can choose which one can fulfil your needs.

Try calling the Better Business Bureau in your locality or visit their website to check for complaints on the suppliers of portable storage containers you wish to hire. Remove from your list those that have consumer complaints.

Allow a representative from the companies you have in mind to check the things you wish to store. This will allow them to know the size of the container you need. They will also be able to give you an exact estimate based on your things. Always get the movable cubicles supplier that meets your need and budget and deals with you in an honest and cordial manner.

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Searching for the Best Custom Lanyard Supplier

September 30th, 2014 by Brett Ronald in Product

When it comes to wearing the school, company, team or brand pride, nothing beats having custom lanyards hanging around your neck.

Custom lanyards add grace and flare to any uniform or outfit you, your friends, co-workers or classmates may have. Aside from their undeniable eye-catching ability, personalized lanyards are useful in that you can hang cellular phones and identification cards on them. They can also be used to hold small or medium-sized water bottles for those who are more athletically inclined. Some people even use their lanyards to keep their car and house keys in one accessible location.

Custom lanyards are indeed pretty awesome. After all, they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Since they are so popular you might be asking: where do you get such lanyards, and how do you know that your supplier is truly the best one out there? This is a good question that any lanyard customer should ask. There are a lot of lanyard shops in The United States, so how do you pick the cream of the crop, the best of the best?

The Search is On!

Here are a few things to watch out for when searching for the perfect shop to make all your lanyard ideas into reality.

1. Good lanyard suppliers are accommodating and well-mannered.

It may seem like such a simple aspect, but you will find that the best suppliers are always gracious hosts to their customers. They will answer any question you may have, and will encourage you to explore your options. They do not need to shout or use vulgar words to catch your attention.

2. Good lanyard suppliers are open to ideas from their customers and provide advice when they deem a lanyard project to be unrealistic. 

custom lanyardsThere a lot of lanyard suppliers spread all over the United States, but only a handful of them will entertain ideas and designs that come from the customers themselves. You see, most lanyard shops sell traditionally-designed products, or premade lanyards. Only a few stellar lanyard shops welcome the ideas and design requirements that the customers themselves set. On another note, there are also lanyard suppliers who simply agree to all their customers’ requirements, without first thinking about its feasibility and final appearance. The best lanyard suppliers will give you their honest opinion regarding your designs, and will be more than happy to supply you with alternative options for each project.

3. Good lanyard suppliers are more than happy to deliver your final product for free!

This is especially true if you reside in the United States, and the shop’s corporate office is located there, too. You see, the best suppliers will be more than happy to deliver your dream custom lanyards to your doorstep without additional cost, because that means that one of their personnel will be able to inspect the final product with you and take your immediate feedback. Customers’ feedback is essential to a lanyard shop’s growth, and the best lanyard suppliers value this above any kind of delivery fee. They will then use your suggestions and ideas in order to make their shop become better equipped to serve other customers just like you.

As you can see, the design and parts of a lanyard are second priority to the supplier you decide to work with. If you are serious about creating custom lanyards for your school, company or important events, then be sure to learn all you can about your chosen supplier first, and try to stack them up against other shops to get a good idea of how high their quality of service really is.

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Introduction To Enobosarm

September 19th, 2014 by Benny Leroy in Chemicals

Maybe it is your first time to encounter this word. Do not worry. You are not alone. Millions of people do not know anything about Enobosarm. However, with the numerous potential positive effects of this newly introduced substance, it deserves to be known.

Here are some details about Enobosarm.

1. It comes by the name Ostarine, too. It is under the category of SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. What is SARM? These are drugs that selectively target the tissues that need adrogenic effects. What are androgenic effects? Androgen is a male sex hormone such as testosterone. Its effects include the development of secondary sexual characteristics among males such as maturation of sex organs, deepening of voice, growth of facial, axillary and pubic hair. Also, this hormone is vital for increased muscle and bone mass.

2. Due to its ability to increase muscular mass and strength, GTx, Inc originally developed this SARM medication for prevention and management of muscle wasting among non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. A study is conducted where a total of 325 patients with stage 3 or 4 NSCLC are either taking a daily dose of 3mg Ostarine or its placebo. The effects were being monitored by stages. The company’s hope was raised as the result of the three months experiment has demonstrated a significant effect statistically. Unfortunately, enobosarm failed to achieve the agreed upon statistical significant difference required by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for it to be filed as a new drug for treatment of muscle wasting for cancer patients. Still, the company believes that the data gathered during the clinical trial of the said drug may be enough to warrant the filing of MAA or marketing authorization application. Hence, the company is still evaluating the continuation of this research.

enobosarm3. Why is it gaining popularity as SARM? Prior to Enobosarm, the widely known and accepted SARM drug was anabolic steroids. However, there is a big gap between the two drugs in terms of the target of the drugs and its side effects. With anabolic steroids, tissues intended and not intended for the therapy were affected. For example, when the target tissue is just the skeletal system, even other tissues such as in testicles, prostate, hair, and the likes are also affected. So one could expect improvements on the skeletal system (such as increased bone density and mass) but will be dismayed with side effects like enlarged prostate or hair loss. With Enobosarm, the target of the drug is selective so the side effects are fewer. Meaning, if one intended it to increase physical performance or prevent muscle wasting, then that would be the focus of its actions. Other tissues would not be affected. Hence, you would not expect adrogenic responses such as shrinking testicles for males or deepening voice or enlarged clitoris for women, to name just a few possible side effects.

4. Aside from the original goal of preventing muscle wasting among cancer patients and those with skeletal and muscular disorders, the new drug is aiming to achieve the following in the future.

a. Increase muscle strength, which could lead to better physical function both for the sick and the healthy individuals. Muscle wasting occurs because there is weakness of muscles and the individual therefore cannot use the muscles. The drug hopes to prevent this from happening by increasing muscle strength.

b. Possibly decrease incidence of cases of Osteoporosis among the elderly females as bone density would increase with use of this drug.

c. Hasten recovery of bone fractures or tendon injuries.

d. Better alternative of athletes or sports enthusiasts for their bodybuilding programs.

Additional time and studies are required to determine the capabilities of this substance as a cure for muscle wasting. For now, researches are ongoing to make the conclusion credible and more substantial.

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Rubber Bracelets and Their Sizes

September 17th, 2014 by Lewis Nicholson in Sports

When there is a need for one to wear a bracelet, there are times when wearing an expensive one is not applicable. Nowadays, getting some rubber bracelets is a fashionable but inexpensive alternative than using a bracelet and it can be customized to suit any person who will be wearing it.

You can use rubber bracelets for a number of reasons. Being trendy with using different types of designs is a big advantage of wearing this kind of bracelet. It is also safe and hypoallergenic to prevent any issues regarding those who may be allergic to certain materials that would touch their skin. These bracelets are also used as a promotional item when a new product or service is to be introduced. Supermarkets and manufacturers usually give away these bracelets which bear different brands and product names so that shoppers can easily identify the new item that is being sold. There are also some special events which give away these bracelets; they would then bear the name of the event and it acts like a souvenir for that event. One of the most popular ways that this is used is when politicians give these away during their campaign rallies and these bracelets would bear their name and their campaign colors which can be worn by supporters to show their number to the running candidate.

These rubber bracelets are sometimes made from a weather-proof material called silicone. These are synthetic materials which are made of the combination of rubber and plastic. Some bracelets would come in different sizes and thickness and can be available in different colors. Since they can be stretched, these can be worn by almost anyone, but getting the right wrist size of a person is still needed for a more comfortable fit.

rubber braceletsBracelets like these can be customized easily and customizing them can also include changing the size of the band itself. Getting the correct band size is easy enough by visiting the website of known customized rubber bracelet makers and then download a sizing guide. Although the band size can then fit the wrist of the person after it is customized, it is still not advisable to order a bracelet with a perfect fit band; it is best to get a size that will properly fit the hand of the person first.

There are different sizing of such bracelets:

•Toddler Size

There are rare cases when some customized bracelet makers would make a size that can fit a baby or toddler. These bracelets would sometimes have the name of the baby so they can be identified quickly. These bracelets are made to be hypoallergenic so that they are completely safe for the infant to wear and even bite into.

•Child Size

When a bracelet is identified to be a “child size,” this is usually at a size of 6 inches. This would fit perfectly for a child aged four to seven years old. This can bear different designs and can also have the child’s name and basic information about him or her.

•Youth Size

This would have an average size of seven inches and these can be considered as the “small size bracelet.”

•Medium Size

This is one of the most common sizes that can be seen and can go up to 7.5 inches if the circumference is measured.

•Adult Size

Commonly called the large size by some bracelet makers, this size can go up to eight inches if the circumference is measured. This is the next common size that bracelets come out with.

•Extra Large Size

The largest bracelet size possible, its circumference can go up to nine inches.

•Custom Sizing

Getting a customized bracelet can even go as far as having the size of it made-to-order. Some examples where this is applied is when rubber bracelets are used as an ankle bracelet and it needs to fit through the foot for it to be worn. These will go beyond the nine inch size that the Extra Large has to offer, and some had even gone up to 15 inches in circumference.

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An introduction to spikeless golf shoes

September 4th, 2014 by Dale Ferguson in Sports

Spikeless golf shoes started to gain popularity when Fred Couples was seen playing golf footwear without those characteristic spikes. He was merely sitting in a cart, with one foot up and yet he managed to grab people’s attention.

Years ago, spikeless golf shoes consisted only about ten percent of total sales in the golf footwear market. They are even considered to be the footwear of choice for golfers who are not even serious with the sport. Now, spikeless golf shoes have become increasingly popular, comprising about forty to fifty percent of golf shoe sales.

Golfers find spikeless golf shoes more attractive because they look more like casual shoes (they no longer resemble classic golfing footwear). Golfers have a lot of reasons why they are switching from the classic golf shoe to this new footwear trend.

Spikeless shoes have nubs (blunt alternatives to spikes), which make them convenient to be worn regardless of where you’re going. Thus, golfers can go anywhere without facing the need to change footwear. They also have strong grip, making them suited for slippery floors.

golf shoesThough spikes were meant to provide a degree of comfort to the golfer’s feet while travelling the golf course, golfers now have option to wear softer and more comfortable shoes. Because they are also lighter, golfers have less risk of hurting their feet. The nubs also provide added grip so the golfer will not injure himself. They also enhance the distribution of the body weight to the feet.

Because spikes acquire a lot of dirt during the game, there is that constant need to have them replaced. When spikes no longer have their old traction, the golfer also has that need to replace them, which, of course translates to more costs.

But for those who use spikeless golf footwear, they can use their time differently instead of spending hours cleaning the spikes. The spikeless golf footwear also saves money for those who are constantly changing spikes.

Versatility has become the word to describe the quality of the spikeless golf shoe. At this point, the golf dress code tends to be more relaxed and favor convenience, thus starting the momentum of the spikeless golf shoe which also cost less than the classic golf shoe.

Players with celebrity status are further boosting this upward trend in the sales of spikeless golf footwear. They also destroyed the notion that heavier spikeless golf wear provide more stability, so people nowadays are opting for lightweight variants.

Back then, golfers were willing to tolerate a little bit more unease, saying that they are wearing golf shoes after all. Now whatever unease brought about by the classic golf shoe is dealt with by the new spikeless golf footwear.

Spikeless golf footwear also benefited golf courses and because greens have become less exposed to damage. The benefit to clubhouses includes less tears in clubhouse carpets and flooring. Some golf players however are concerned that spikeless golf footwear leads to accumulation of grass at the bottom of the shoes, which in turn could contribute to slipping, especially on wood surfaces.

Since the spikeless golf shoe’s popularity increased, there have been debates on whether this footwear really does provide better traction to players. Some point out that the spikeless golf shoe is a little less suited for wet golf courses compared to its spiked counterpart.

With these in mind, golfers are then reminded that there are other considerations in deciding which footwear is really best for use: the spikeless or the spiked ones. Comfort, however remains key in choosing the right footwear, as well the maintenance that must be observed to make the shoes last longer.

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How to Improve Your Conversion Rates Using Live Chat Software

September 2nd, 2014 by Walter Quinn in Technology

If used appropriately as part of your customer service scheme, live chat software has the capability to boost conversion rates by providing customers immediate access to a live support agent while visiting your website.

But if you think that adding the live chat icon and waiting for the orders to get in is all it takes, you will be disappointed. There are certain rules for using live chat support to the fullest, so you can build a strong customer loyalty, make a fervent base of dedicated fans, and improve conversions.

Here’s what to consider, and how to make sure that you are using your live chat software to the fullest.

Powerful Analytics

Reliable live chat software has intelligent analytics which can be leveraged to learn which pages consumers are visiting, how long they are staying on a particular page, and how they end up there. Standard analytics packages can perform this as well, but live chat analytics have one vital benefit: they present the opportunity for the support personnel to start a live chat session.

In a business such as furniture or appliances, the consumer wants to compare the prices and the available models to determine if they are getting a good deal. Through these long-term, high-ticket purchases, they may visit again the site many times and then buy the furniture. Because of these, both the live chat support and the analytics can identify customers who have been comparing various brands or who have spent a longer time on specific pages.

Customer support tracks how effective the live chat software is by matching chat logs manually to each customer’s order.

Increases Order

chat softwareTop companies such as Virgin Airlines do not use live chat to sell tickets, but instead use it to upsell consumers. Users who purchase tickets online are already decided, so there is no need to convince them. But through upwelling them with live chat as they complete their purchase, Virgin has made enviable conversion rates. The additional orders from users who use the live chat function is higher by 15% as compared to those who don’t. The purpose of live chat support is not only limited to answering questions and providing support. If used strategically, you can also use it to upsell a conversion or if the consumer is hesitant to continue.

Page Tracking

Some companies believe that they have an edge over their competitors if they sell promotional products using live chat software. Most of the customers want to make sure that all their questions are answered before they place an order.

Depending on which pages the online user has visited and how long they have been on that page, customer support agents can start a chat to know if the user has a question. And because of this, around 60% of their chats can result in sales.

Live Chat is Growing

The popularity of live chat is increasing and there is no signs of slowing. One of the reasons for the stunning growth of live chat in recent years is the many ways to chat, like through mobile. The survey shows that 40% of customers said they will be likely to use live chat on their Smartphone if such option were offered, making it more vital than ever to get up to speed on responsive design.


When it comes to using live chat, it should not appear as a marketing strategy, but a link in the customer service chain that connects you to your potential client in a manner that goes beyond simply answering questions.

If applied strategically, live chat can be an essential promotional channel that gets fans talking, convinces users to take action, and builds loyalty.

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Link Building Rules A SEO Company Should Adhere To in 2014

August 28th, 2014 by Edwyn Gray in search engine optimization

When it comes to building the right pieces of marketing collateral, you are going to have to traverse the world of links. Link building has been said to be dead, and some say that there are safe options versus unsafe implementation. The truth of the matter is that you have to be very careful as to how you traverse this sort of implementation process. Not all links are going to help you gain market share, and some of them will cause your site to go down a downward spiral as a whole. It’s imperative that you focus on the right elements here, and make sure that you are building towards the future, or you will end up losing out on the greater good that could come from placing the right pieces together in the optimization puzzle that everyone has to deal with on a regular basis. Whether you hire a SEO company or you are going to try and attempt to build links on your own, you will need to look at some simple rules that you should follow through on when dealing with marketing as a whole. Only when you look at the following rules will you gain leverage into the world of marketability.

The Reason To Have Rules

Rules are important to follow in 2014, especially when you are working with a SEO company. You will find that without a proper implementation of rules, you will end up losing market share fast. The problem associated with this is simple, you need to focus on the elements that will help you gain leverage within search engines. Search engines are changing the rules all the time, and in the past few years they’ve released algorithm shifts that have completely derailed market share for a lot of companies.

You may find that you are going to be lost in the shuffle, if you end up trying to go with just one option over another. You need to have a diversified plan of action and one that is in line with the latest rules that search engines are pushing. The problem that you’re going to run into here is simple, however, there is no telling what the rules are at any given moment in time.

The problems that abound when you look at optimization strategies are numerous, and will completely change the way you see marketing as a whole. When isolating links, you will need more rules than ever, and if you abide by them correctly, you will gain leverage in the process.

The Biggest Rule About Link Building

SEoThe biggest rule that you need to remember about building links in 2014 and possibly beyond, is that you should never buy them in bulk. Bulk purchases of links is not a good thing and will cause your site to completely derail. Focusing on the right pieces will create leverage, and that means that you will need to work on things very slowly. Slow down your methodology and create market share through the vulnerabilities of search engine protocol. That means that you will want to avoid buying bulk, and you will not want to go with any site that is selling links without telling you where the URL is located.

Become Extremely Picky About Links

The next thing that you need to abide by is in regards to the links that you have outgoing and incoming. You want to be very selective in regards to this process. Do not assume that you will be able to gain any leverage without a bit of effort. You will find that you need to cycle through options that are going to help you and not harm you. That means that you will want to link out to authority sites, and you will want to have incoming links from proper authority pages as well. Always look to see how a domain name is registered, whether or not it has page rank and whether it fits in your category or niche. Too often companies and websites focus on the links in the wrong manner. Today, relevance matters far more than anything else when it comes to marketing online. If you don’t have the right relevancy level, you will end up losing out.

Build Content Marketing

One of the biggest steps forward is in regards to content marketing. Building content that is going to allow you to gain leverage within the world of marketing means that you will need to work within several different pieces. You will not be able to gain any sort of leverage if you don’t work on 15 to 20 content modules. That means that you will have to publish things that others are going to be shared and updated throughout social media as a whole. If you can work on these elements and make moves, you will gain serious leverage.

Building content is not simple. You will want to focus on the diversity angle here and when you are firmly working with a variety of content modules, you will see that your social media shares and content distribution channels will leverage the links to a better solution.

In all of this confusion, it’s best to just hire a SEO company that can do all of this and follow the right rules of placement in 2014.

Author Bio:

Rules are important to be followed by a SEO Company and they must be changing the rules as per the statergy.

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3 Reasons You Should Stop Focusing on Your Competition’s SEO Practices

July 25th, 2014 by Tom Hedrick in search engine optimization

It’s inevitable in business to look at what your competitors are doing. However, if you are constantly hung up on what they are doing, you’re going to miss something. This happens a lot in competitive industries where any advantage is welcome, especially when products and services are very similar. If you want to get past the next guy, you’ll want to focus on different things. Fixating on whatever it is that they are up to, and trying to match them at every move will not suffice.

There are several reasons that you should stop focusing on your competitors SEO practices, and it comes down to a few key elements that you’ll want to do for yourself. Turn the tables and have them try to figure your strategy out for a change, and do so with the following reasons at the helm.

Some Companies are Taking Shortcuts

Search engine optimizationWhen it comes to competing, the likelihood that your competitors are cheating, is probably high. You’ll find that when you try to match them frame for frame, you could succumb to the same things. Do not allow yourself to end up cutting corners in order to get the same kind of traction that they are getting. This is often times a disaster, because search engines don’t care about whether or not you’re competing for market share. When both sites plummet in the rankings, you’ll realize that it was a bad idea to emulate their efforts.

You Will Miss Out On What Your Clients Want

What your clients want should be your #1 concern. When you’re consistently watching others, you’re bound to forget what made your business stand out in the first place. Building your own site and business with concern to your existing fan base is the most important thing that you can do when it comes to working with search engine optimization. Missing out on what the client wants will only force them to seek alternatives for their needs. In highly contested circles, you have to look away from what others are doing and instead focus on your own optimization strategy.

It Is a Waste of Your Time

When you’re trying to move forward, you cannot look behind you or to the sides. That’s going to cripple your progress. Hire a professional SEO service that can do this for you and you will not have to worry about what others are doing. When you have someone that is experienced in working with optimal search engine strategies, you will be getting traffic and interest in whatever it is you’re promoting. Furthermore, keep up with everyone else in your industry could be vexing, and time consuming. There are better ways to invest your time, that’s for sure.

When it comes down to competing in a crowded marketplace, you have to work with professionals that can help customize a marketing solution that will fit your budget and meet the goals that you have. If your own goal is to emulate someone else’s success, you will forget to meet your own wishes. Set aside your own goals and ideas and chase them accordingly. When you focus on what you’re doing and you concern yourself with only what your ultimate long term plans are, you’ll reach them. It’s far easier to have goals and a plan of action than it is to constantly focus on the competition, especially when there are so many components that work within internet marketing.

Whether you hire someone straightway, or you have someone working on just SEO, you will want to have all the components working together in terms of internet marketing. When everything is working in unison, you will surpass all your competitors, and level the playing field, guaranteed.

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