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Link Building Rules A SEO Company Should Adhere To in 2014

August 28th, 2014 by Edwyn Gray in search engine optimization

When it comes to building the right pieces of marketing collateral, you are going to have to traverse the world of links. Link building has been said to be dead, and some say that there are safe options versus unsafe implementation. The truth of the matter is that you have to be very careful as to how you traverse this sort of implementation process. Not all links are going to help you gain market share, and some of them will cause your site to go down a downward spiral as a whole. It’s imperative that you focus on the right elements here, and make sure that you are building towards the future, or you will end up losing out on the greater good that could come from placing the right pieces together in the optimization puzzle that everyone has to deal with on a regular basis. Whether you hire a SEO company or you are going to try and attempt to build links on your own, you will need to look at some simple rules that you should follow through on when dealing with marketing as a whole. Only when you look at the following rules will you gain leverage into the world of marketability.

The Reason To Have Rules

Rules are important to follow in 2014, especially when you are working with a SEO company. You will find that without a proper implementation of rules, you will end up losing market share fast. The problem associated with this is simple, you need to focus on the elements that will help you gain leverage within search engines. Search engines are changing the rules all the time, and in the past few years they’ve released algorithm shifts that have completely derailed market share for a lot of companies.

You may find that you are going to be lost in the shuffle, if you end up trying to go with just one option over another. You need to have a diversified plan of action and one that is in line with the latest rules that search engines are pushing. The problem that you’re going to run into here is simple, however, there is no telling what the rules are at any given moment in time.

The problems that abound when you look at optimization strategies are numerous, and will completely change the way you see marketing as a whole. When isolating links, you will need more rules than ever, and if you abide by them correctly, you will gain leverage in the process.

The Biggest Rule About Link Building

SEoThe biggest rule that you need to remember about building links in 2014 and possibly beyond, is that you should never buy them in bulk. Bulk purchases of links is not a good thing and will cause your site to completely derail. Focusing on the right pieces will create leverage, and that means that you will need to work on things very slowly. Slow down your methodology and create market share through the vulnerabilities of search engine protocol. That means that you will want to avoid buying bulk, and you will not want to go with any site that is selling links without telling you where the URL is located.

Become Extremely Picky About Links

The next thing that you need to abide by is in regards to the links that you have outgoing and incoming. You want to be very selective in regards to this process. Do not assume that you will be able to gain any leverage without a bit of effort. You will find that you need to cycle through options that are going to help you and not harm you. That means that you will want to link out to authority sites, and you will want to have incoming links from proper authority pages as well. Always look to see how a domain name is registered, whether or not it has page rank and whether it fits in your category or niche. Too often companies and websites focus on the links in the wrong manner. Today, relevance matters far more than anything else when it comes to marketing online. If you don’t have the right relevancy level, you will end up losing out.

Build Content Marketing

One of the biggest steps forward is in regards to content marketing. Building content that is going to allow you to gain leverage within the world of marketing means that you will need to work within several different pieces. You will not be able to gain any sort of leverage if you don’t work on 15 to 20 content modules. That means that you will have to publish things that others are going to be shared and updated throughout social media as a whole. If you can work on these elements and make moves, you will gain serious leverage.

Building content is not simple. You will want to focus on the diversity angle here and when you are firmly working with a variety of content modules, you will see that your social media shares and content distribution channels will leverage the links to a better solution.

In all of this confusion, it’s best to just hire a SEO company that can do all of this and follow the right rules of placement in 2014.

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3 Reasons You Should Stop Focusing on Your Competition’s SEO Practices

July 25th, 2014 by Tom Hedrick in search engine optimization

It’s inevitable in business to look at what your competitors are doing. However, if you are constantly hung up on what they are doing, you’re going to miss something. This happens a lot in competitive industries where any advantage is welcome, especially when products and services are very similar. If you want to get past the next guy, you’ll want to focus on different things. Fixating on whatever it is that they are up to, and trying to match them at every move will not suffice.

There are several reasons that you should stop focusing on your competitors SEO practices, and it comes down to a few key elements that you’ll want to do for yourself. Turn the tables and have them try to figure your strategy out for a change, and do so with the following reasons at the helm.

Some Companies are Taking Shortcuts

Search engine optimizationWhen it comes to competing, the likelihood that your competitors are cheating, is probably high. You’ll find that when you try to match them frame for frame, you could succumb to the same things. Do not allow yourself to end up cutting corners in order to get the same kind of traction that they are getting. This is often times a disaster, because search engines don’t care about whether or not you’re competing for market share. When both sites plummet in the rankings, you’ll realize that it was a bad idea to emulate their efforts.

You Will Miss Out On What Your Clients Want

What your clients want should be your #1 concern. When you’re consistently watching others, you’re bound to forget what made your business stand out in the first place. Building your own site and business with concern to your existing fan base is the most important thing that you can do when it comes to working with search engine optimization. Missing out on what the client wants will only force them to seek alternatives for their needs. In highly contested circles, you have to look away from what others are doing and instead focus on your own optimization strategy.

It Is a Waste of Your Time

When you’re trying to move forward, you cannot look behind you or to the sides. That’s going to cripple your progress. Hire a professional SEO service that can do this for you and you will not have to worry about what others are doing. When you have someone that is experienced in working with optimal search engine strategies, you will be getting traffic and interest in whatever it is you’re promoting. Furthermore, keep up with everyone else in your industry could be vexing, and time consuming. There are better ways to invest your time, that’s for sure.

When it comes down to competing in a crowded marketplace, you have to work with professionals that can help customize a marketing solution that will fit your budget and meet the goals that you have. If your own goal is to emulate someone else’s success, you will forget to meet your own wishes. Set aside your own goals and ideas and chase them accordingly. When you focus on what you’re doing and you concern yourself with only what your ultimate long term plans are, you’ll reach them. It’s far easier to have goals and a plan of action than it is to constantly focus on the competition, especially when there are so many components that work within internet marketing.

Whether you hire someone straightway, or you have someone working on just SEO, you will want to have all the components working together in terms of internet marketing. When everything is working in unison, you will surpass all your competitors, and level the playing field, guaranteed.

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